July 09, 2016

Making our new house our own

Making our new house our own
By The West View

My husband,Tom, and I instantly fell in love with the house we bought in the Fairpark neighborhood. There was lots to love! It was in the perfect location for us – only one freeway exit away from our favorite downtown amenities, and rich in character and diversity, which is something you don’t find very often in other neighborhoods across the valley.

One of the major things that drew us to the home was the great remodel it had gone through. The prior owners made the place look very modern and fresh. They added hardwood floors throughout the living spaces, and did some incredible upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom. It took away a lot of stress of having to do a big remodeling project with any other house we would’ve bought.

We moved in and right away got to work with adding our own eclectic style. My love for color and art is evident throughout the house. There is a wall dedicated to authentically crafted Guatemalan masks, which pays respect to my heritage.

We turned the front yard into a water conservation-friendly garden full of beautiful grasses and low-maintenance plants. Our backyard is also our very own water-smart oasis. Using very little water in our yards is something we take pride in. It’s an ethical practice we hope more people will start incorporating in their homes.

Tom and I love working on our yard, maintaining our garden, taking care of our lovely chickens, and finding the pleasure of simply hanging out and eating a meal amongst the plants. Our house was the first original house on the street and it used to be a working farm. We have carried on the spirit of the old farmhouse in our urban garden.

Our artistic taste fits perfectly in our diverse neighborhood! Instead of feeling like we are adding something different to the community, we actually feel we are enhancing the diversity and personality that already exists in our neighborhood.

We want to encourage our community to beautify their spaces. We hope that our house inspires our neighbors to take pride in their home, in their street, and in their city.