July 10, 2016

Reflections from ‘YouthWorks in the Park’ trip

Reflections from ‘YouthWorks in the Park’ trip
By The West View

Last month 15 YouthWorks alumni took a trip to Arches National Park. We spent three days and two nights camping near Moab, a few miles from Arches National Park. While we were there, we were granted the opportunity to get out and explore the land with a group of people who shared similar interests.

Throughout the time I spent with fellow YouthWorks alumni, I learned to appreciate our national parks. I also learned how to respect our lands and keep them in the same state they are in. With that information I was able to go home and share stories and information with my family about what the national parks really mean to the history of Utah, and what we could do to help preserve our land.

One of the guest speakers was former NFL Offensive Lineman Darryl Haley. Darryl provided us with inspirational words. What I really took away from the time I spent with Darryl was to “Live Life in 40 second Increments.” (For those who don’t know what that means, it has to do with football and how every play lasts for 40 seconds.) This really spoke to me and really influenced me to live my life in the now rather than dwelling so heavily on the past and worrying about what the future has to bring.

The trip was very inspiring. Thank you to all of the people who made the trip possible, and thank you to YouthWorks for inspiring youth to follow their dreams through helping others achieve theirs.

Manu Fonua is a resident of Rose Park and an alumnus of YouthWorks Salt Lake.