September 14, 2016

Making the Jordan River beautiful

Making the Jordan River beautiful Making the Jordan River beautiful Making the Jordan River beautiful
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By The West View

By Gilberto Rejon, Jr.

My name is Gilberto Rejon Jr. and I am 13 years old. I describe myself as a soccer coach and an “uncle” to many. When I was in elementary school, my dad, Gilberto Rejon Sr., started the Hartland Soccer Club to help keep kids out of gangs and in school. Now I’m in eighth grade at Salt Lake Center for Science Education (SLCSE), and I help my dad run the program.

Last spring, he got me involved with a river signage art project with the Jordan River Community Initiative because he loves the river and wants it to be looking the way it’s supposed to – beautiful. To support that, we got many of the SLCSE soccer players to join us. on the project. My dad told them to look at the project as a field trip.

The students from SLCSE and some artists got together to create some art with spray paint. We went on a river trip with them to get a kind of picture of what to paint. The goal was to get the participants to learn more about the river and share what they already knew. Many of the students had been down the river before, but not with artists. There were some funny moments going down the river, like when the artists and some students started racing and ended up crashing into a tree, and each other.

This project was important to me. I got involved for the fun of it and to help the environment. I personally want to see the river looking beautiful and we also want it to be memorable for people who come from other places to ride their bikes on the trail. This project has changed me, because I see how people can just throw trash in the river and not care. Now, sometimes my dad and I go bike riding and bring along trash bags just to try to keep the trails and river clean.