March 06, 2017

FAREPAY offers reduced public transit fares

FAREPAY offers reduced public transit fares
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By The West View

By Elias Flores, Heidi Steed, and Alexander Barton

Many people who ride public transit in Salt Lake City still pay with cash even though there is a cheaper and possibly more convenient method of payment available. FAREPAY, an electronic fare card sponsored by UTA (Utah Transit Authority), could save riders up to 40 percent off local bus fares and 20 percent off TRAX and FrontRunner tickets.

The UTA FAREPAY card is available at most grocery stores and even some convenience stores throughout Salt Lake City and can usually be spotted near the checkout stands amongst the gift cards. A three dollar activation fee is required at the time of purchase and a customer can load up to $500 on the card. This is a convenient option for riders who know exactly how much fare they anticipate they’ll need each month. The funds are on the card don’t expire, and once they are used up a customer can add more money using the website at or they can reload at the grocery store checkout stand.

So why don’t more people use FAREPAY? Surveyed riders often weren’t aware of the service. While UTA has a small FAREPAY advertising campaign, with small banners at some bus stops and on the sides of buses, it seems that information about the promotion is slowly making its way to interested riders.

Anyone can use FAREPAY, but the discounted bus, TRAX and Frontrunner fares can be particularly useful to individuals who use the bus daily because it is more cost effective for their lifestyle. UTA plans to evaluate and continue the FAREPAY promotion throughout 2017. Frequent riders and new UTA users should use this opportunity to try the electronic fare card. They may find the discounts a useful encouragement to take transit instead of driving, and frequent users might find that the savings really add up.

This article was submitted by students from the University of Utah's Department of City and Metropolitan Planning 6430 class titled "Planning Communication."

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