July 28, 2017

5th Annual Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month

5th Annual Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month
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By The West View

This year marks the 5th year that Governor Herbert has declared August as Utah’s Pacific Island Heritage month, to celebrate the Pacific Island communities in Utah. Utah is home to almost 40,000 Pacific Islanders whose roots are Micronesian, Melanesian and or Polynesian from many countries in the South Pacific.

Utah is home to the largest per capita Tongan community and top ranked Samoan community but Samoans make up the largest number of Pacific Islanders in Utah followed very close by Tongans amongst Hawaiians, Tahitians, Rotuman’s, Maori’s, New Zealand’s indigenous people. The Melanesians are represented in Utah by the Fijian community. The Micronesian Community is the fastest growing Community in Utah with communities from the Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Krosae, Chuuk,and Yap. The communities that live in Utah do not represent all the countries of the Pacific Islands.

Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month was the idea of Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, Founder and Executive Director of Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources (PIK2AR) in 2012. Her goal is multi faceted. 1) Educate the public of the difference and similarities that Pacific Islanders have 2) Engage communities around commonalities of Business, Art, Family, Education and Fun instead of focusing on differences 3) A Platform for Pacific Island and underserved Businesses, Ethnic Service Providers and Main Stream Service Providers to broaden their customer and user base 4) Break the stereotypes of Pacific Islanders and showcase the positive contributions that Pacific Islanders have made and continue to make in all areas within Utah.

This years Calendar begins July 1 and ends Labor Day, 12 events from Logan to St George, Utah

  • July 1 -31, PEAU Art Exhibit, West Jordan Library, 8030 S 1825 W, 6p-7p
  • July 6, PEAU Art Exhibit Reception, West Jordan Library, 8030 S 1825 W, 6p-
  • July 29, UPIHM Kick Off, Sorenson Recreation Center, 855 W California Ave (1300 S) SLC, UT, 5p-10p
  • July 31-Aug 25, PEAU Art Exhibit, Sorenson Unity Center, 1383 S 900 W
  • August 1, Groove In The Grove, Pioneer Precinct, 1040 W 700 S, SLC, UT 6p-9p
  • August 5, Pacific Heritage Festival, 1755 W 1100 N, SLC, Ut, 11a-10p
  • August 5, Utah Ukulele Festival, Willow Park, Logan, UT, 450 W 700 S
  • August 5, UPIHM Community Potluck & Retro Dance celebrating Mis Bev Uipi, Central Recreation Center, 615 S 300 E, SLC, 6p-10p
  • August 8, Pacific Island Womens Empowerment St George UPIHM Celebration, DiForie Art Center
  • August 18/19, Polynesian Cultural Festival, Legacy Park, 1140 W 1100 N, NSL
  • August 19, SLC Pacific Island Business Alliance Job & Resource Fair, Valley Fair Mall - 3620 S 2400 W, 10a-5p
  • August 25/26, 4th Annual National Pacific Island Violence Prevention Conference, Younique Foundation - 3400 Mayflower Ave, Lehi, Utah, 8a-5p
  • August 26, PEAU Annual Art Exhibit, Studio Elevn, 435 W 400 S, Suite 304, 6p-10p
  • August 29, Session on the Ledge, Weber State University, 12p-1p
  • Sept 1/2/4 – Polynezian Days, Thanksgiving Point, Electric Park

Each year the Calendar Grows, this year we have 6 Pacific Island Organizations participating with 5 PIK2AR Programs with events  from Logan to St George, Utah.

  • Saturday July 29 is the Annual Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month Kick Off behind Sorenson Recreation Center. 5p-10p. The Kick Off is a SL County ZAP Youth Explorer Destination so pick up your passport at any local library. Visit 5 of the destinations this summer and you have earned your way into the end of summer bash at Clark Planetarium where youth can win back to school items and prizes.
  • Wear clothes that can get wet, bring your towel because we have jump houses and 1 has a water slide. $6.00 unlimited play. 9 Cultural Booths with activities at each to learn the similarities and the differences between the Pacific Island Countries. As you enter the Kick Off you will be given a UPIHM Passport and after visiting all the Cultural Booths 1 Passport will be drawn every hour by our Government and Faith Based Leaders and you will win a Raffle Prize by answering a generic question from the Cultural Booths.
  • We have an amazing Children’s Area with activates with Thanksgiving Points Curiosity Children’s Museum.
  • Foods and Entertainment from Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian Countries. Join us in an educational enjoyable evening mingling with your neighbors, make new friends and enlarge our communities. There is something for everyone in the families’ enjoyment.  Bring your Chairs and Blankets and be part of the Community. Community resources will be onsite with information to help strengthen each other and families.. Learn about the available resources and then share with your loved ones. You deserve all the opportunities Utah has to offer to build up each that strengthen Communities. Everyone deserves the best that Utah has to offer!
  • For more information please contact Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, 801-793-4639 or by email .  Volunteer, Vendor and Sponsorship Opportunities may still be available.