May 02, 2018

University group and west-side community councils partner up

By The West View

By Abdulkhaliq Mohamed

The west side of Salt Lake City is represented by six community councils. Located in the heart of the city, within its most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, they are neighborhood democracy in its purest form. The council boards are made up of community leaders who were elected by local residents. They meet with residents monthly to hear their concerns, initiate community improvement projects, and enhance the identity, image, and visibility of the neighborhoods. The community councils are nonprofit organizations and are recognized by the city government allowing them to disseminate information and take in public comment.

The community councils located on the west side include Fairpark, Poplar Grove, Jordan Meadows, Rose Park, Glendale, and Westpointe. University Neighborhood Partners connects with all six of these groups through a “Neighborhood Democracy” partnership, which provides support, training, and research.

You can learn more about all of Salt Lake City’s community councils, their boundaries and more on their website at

This article was originally published in UNP’s Partnership Newsletter in March of 2018