October 07, 2018

From the Editor

By The West View

By Charlotte Fife-Jepperson

In the Community Newsroom meetings leading up to this issue, contributors discussed important story topics related to our theme of Housing & Development.

The most pressing topic that came up was affordable housing – the lack of it in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, the consequences that happen when too much truly affordable housing is concentrated in one area, and the issue of gentrification pushing people out when they can no longer afford to own or rent in their neighborhood.

The topic of homelessness came up, because it is ever present in our city and our neighborhoods. There are chronically homeless people and those who are temporarily homeless living among us. We decided to talk to some of these individuals to find out their stories.

In this issue we also highlight some fascinating, old west-side homes that are being fixed up and restored by new owners. All of these homes are over 100 years old and add to the historic charm of the Poplar Grove and Fair Park neighborhoods.

Come to our River District Homes Tour on Saturday, Oct. 6 to tour and learn about these homes in person. Get tickets online at www.westviewmedia.org. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door and benefit West View Media (the nonprofit organization that produces The West View newspaper and website). Tickets are limited, so be sure to get yours now!

To kick-off the tour, registrants will enjoy a light breakfast and an intriguing “Past & Present” display of the featured homes and neighborhoods at the 100-year-old Chapman Library between 9 and 11 a.m. Participants will then receive a map of the houses on the self-paced tour.

The final destination on the tour is the historic Fisher Mansion – the extravagant home that was built for the family of German beer brewer, Albert Fisher, in 1893. The A. Fisher Brewing Co. was located near the mansion, on the banks of the Jordan River, from 1884 to 1960. Utah Preservation will be giving tours of the mansion from 1 – 3 p.m. during an Octoberfest event put on by the recently re-established A. Fisher Brewing Co. This outdoor beer garden will feature food trucks, live music, outdoor games and booths and, of course, beer.

We hope to see you at the River District Homes Tour on Oct. 6! And if you can’t make it, please consider supporting local journalism and the good things happening in our community by donating online on our website or on our West View Media Facebook page.