December 30, 2018

Celebrations of Light

By The West View



Celebrating light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, Diwali (pronounced “De-Vah-Lee”) is the East Indian Festival of Lights. Diwali is celebrated by several religions during late Autumn during the dark of the moon on the lunar calendar. It is a major family holiday, comparable to Christmas.

Diwali was celebrated on November 3 at Sugar Space on Salt Lake City’s west side. Friends and family enjoyed traditional Indian dance performances by Chitrakavyya Dance Company, led by Mrs. Srilatha Singh, and special guests Sonali and Julie.

Afterwards, everyone feasted on East Indian food from the restaurant Pastries & Chaat and enjoyed highlights of Bollywood movies. Young “desis,” fresh from the Indian subcontinent, sang along as they partied after the dancing, taking a break from their contract jobs on the Silicon Slopes of Utah. The event was organized by west side native Michael Evans in honor of his late wife and the passion they shared for India, its ancient culture, and the vitality of its present.

Photo 1: Traditional “Alarippu” dancers Pavithra and Shritha.  Photo by David Ricketts

Photo 2: Traditional Diwali decorations by Swathiarjun, including lights and flowers surrounding a brass statuette of Shiva. Photo by David Ricketts

Photos 3: (Top to bottom) Srilatha Singh, Malikava Singh, and Chandana Paukuri. Photo by Swathi Mudiyunur




The grounds of Temple Square and surrounding areas are illuminated every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since the Olympics of 2002, the LDS Church Office Building Plaza has featured a ring of international Christmas Nativity displays made by many hands from around the world. This 2017 display depicts the biblical story of Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joseph as refugees fleeing an evil king. 

Photo by Michael Evans


Randall Lights

Randall lights

The Randall Family has delighted the neighborhood with festive lights and homemade Christmas decorations in their Poplar Grove yard at 924 West Pioneer Circle (620 South) for over fifteen years. Their display includes two 10-foot-tall wooden nutcrackers, an even taller snowman, Mr. and Mrs. Clause twirling a jump rope for six of their grandkids, and a hot air balloon coming down from the roof.

Photo by David Ricketts


Red Neck X-Mas


Every year a family on 900 West near 300 South decorates almost every inch of their front yard with animal and toy-themed displays all aglow with multi-colored lights. They call it Red Neck X-mas! 

Photos by David Ricketts