May 05, 2019

OPINION: Dreaming of job possibilities

OPINION: Dreaming of job possibilities
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By The West View

by Lila Sweeney

You probably have heard the saying that working at a job you love will no longer be work, but instead it will be your joy and passion. But, if you are a person who has no idea what that job is, you may be on a search for the perfect fit – and that may take some time. 

Like shopping for clothes to wear for a special event, you may try on several styles before you decide what fits you best. 
You may start out picking grapes in a vineyard like I did for my first job. Not my dream job, but somewhere to start. Or work at McDonald’s like my two oldest grandsons. Only a beginning until something better came on the horizon. Besides being a grape-picker, my future occupations included a receptionist, an accounting clerk, a homemaker and eventually a mom. This range of experiences may have prepared me for my eventual occupation.

As a mom of two lively sons, we visited the library as a diversion from their boredom. Those weekly visits steered me in the direction of my future job. A wanted ad in our local paper sent me on my way. Now, instead of being a mom finding books for my sons, I was perusing the stacks for books as a library clerk.  Although I spent a great deal of time at the library prior to working there, it never entered my mind that this was my dream job. Seeing books come down the conveyor belt to be checked in was like going to a candy store with a selection beyond my imagination. 

There’s also the time-honored way to get your dream job, and that is by whom you know. Sending out a hundred resumes and not getting a single prospect can be discouraging, but the light at the end of the tunnel may just be a family friend who can guide you through the labyrinth. Of course, headhunters and temp agencies are there to help as well.

Depending on your needs besides money or how you envision yourself in that newly found job, there is a lot of variety in the job market. Like the Uber driver who enjoys driving with the added perk of making his or her own hours. Or the person who makes money recovering electric scooters. House sitters and dog walkers continue to be necessities. Granted, these jobs may not necessarily be high-paying, but they may fill a temporary niche in your life.

Cindy Joseph was first a mom then a makeup artist when she was approached by a modeling agency at the mature age of 49. In her own words, she was an unlikely candidate for a model, being of smaller stature and sporting her naturally gray hair.  Eventually, she became the CEO of a cosmetic company and a spokeswoman for the Pro-Aging Movement.   

Whether you are 8 years old and refurbishing golf balls to resell or writing a book at the ripe age of 80, dream. Dream big or dream small, but dream. A successful endeavor requires a dream – a paraphrase from the Good Book.

Lila Sweeney is the mother of two sons, grandmother of six, and a mentor for three children. She has worked at her local library in Erie, Pa. for the past 18 years and looks forward to being involved in the Salt Lake area soon.