Rainer Huck

Rainer Huck
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What have you done that makes you qualified for Mayor of SLC

My best qualification is that I have never held office before. Many of the other candidates tout their government experience, but when you look at how government has grown, how taxes are continually increasing, and regulations and bureaucracy endlessly expand to choke every aspect of our lives, it's time for a fresh perspective.

I have lived and worked in Salt Lake City for 70 years and have seen it evolve from a mellow, low-cost city to the very expensive place it is today. As immigrants from war-torn Europe, my family was very poor, but through hard work and lack of oppressive government my father was able to achieve the American Dream. This is much more difficult today. My roots and unique perspective will enable me to reverse this trend and create more opportunity for everyone.

What do you plan to accomplish during your first 100 days in office?

I will restore the neighborhood cleanup, reduce water bills which have grown 10,000% in the last 50 years, stop the police from shooting people, remove the recent sales tax increase, shift part of the transient room tax to subsidize hospitality workers to at least $15-per-hour and save the existing parking structure and terminals at the airport.

How will you help get west-side residents more engaged in city planning and decision-making?

My office will be open to citizen visits to express their concerns eight hours a day. My major impetus is to serve the working people of Salt Lake City to keep more of their income and to enjoy a higher quality of life. Meeting with current city leaders is practically impossible. In general, when candidates are running for office they claim to be agents of the people, yet when they are elected they quickly become agents of the government. This will not be the case with me, because I have no motivation in running for office other than to give back to the city I grew up in and to make life better for all the people who work hard just to pay their bills and raise their children.   

How will you address the city’s homelessness issues and the negative impacts on west-side neighborhoods, especially near North Temple and along the Jordan River?  

The homeless shelters currently under construction are a joke. They are spending $60 million to house just 700 people for a cost of $86,000/person. These facilities will be overrun the day they open. I will build a big and beautiful homeless campus in the northwest quadrant that will accommodate 5,000 people with all the facilities they will need to either rejoin society or have a safe and clean place to live. And I will do this for under $5,000 per person.    

Would you continue the city’s lawsuit on the inland port? Why or why not?    

I would immediately discontinue the inland port litigation. When one government sues another, the taxpayers always lose. Salt Lake City residents will lose, no matter what the resolution, after wasting millions in a case very likely be found in favor of the State.