Richard Goldberger

Richard Goldberger
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What have you done that makes you qualified for Mayor of SLC

I am qualified because I am not a politician. I am a “Common Sense-crat” who believes in Governing by Objectives.  I serve at the pleasure of the people. Period.

What do you plan to accomplish during your first 100 days in office?

In my first 100 days in office, I will:

  • Get all City machines, fixed and mobile, tuned up to spec.
  • Create more fixed and mobile SLC Police Precincts.
  • Create a joint Fire, Police and Ambulance advanced training platform.
  • Bring back SQUAT fast fire and medical trucks in the Fire Department.
  • Set up various working groups for a number of specific projects.

How will you help get west-side residents more engaged in city planning and decision-making?

I will get more west-side residents engaged by creating a Mobile Office of the Mayor that would travel throughout the city. Let’s bring the mayor to the people!

How will you address the city’s homelessness issues and the negative impacts on west-side neighborhoods, especially near North Temple and along the Jordan River?

I will address problems associated with homelessness by creating massive outreach teams in the following areas: medical, social work, sanitation, and security. I will also establish a triage base camp. I would also create a Butt Redemption Program, where people would be paid 10 cents per used cigarette butt picked up. This would help clean up the city and provide a small source of income for people experiencing homelessness.

Would you continue the city’s lawsuit on the inland port? Why or why not?

I would place the inland port litigation on hold and enter into serious negotiations with the state. I would create the Utah Export Expo – a permanent Utah product trade fair – to be sited in the northwest quadrant. I would also create a wonderful nearby nature preserve.  Note: I believe the Inland Port, or an intermodal center, should be sited in Wendover, Utah. There is plenty of space and access to air, rail and road transport.