October 10, 2021

Dennis Faris, City Council D2 Candidate (incumbent)

Dennis Faris, City Council D2 Candidate (incumbent)
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By The West View

What qualifies you to represent your district?

I’ve spent 18 years working to improve my community. My approach to almost every issue is to find realistic short term steps toward achieving a long term goal. What work can we begin today to more efficiently and effectively improve our lives and our community a little bit each day?

Identify two key issues that you are concerned about. As a city council member, what specific actions will you take to address those issues? [maximum of 150 words each or 300 words total]

Issue 1: Public Safety

Our community has many concerns regarding public safety. As an immediate step, after less than 6 weeks in office and with the help of my colleagues on the City Council, we approved a wage increase in the annual budget that successfully ensured our public safety employees are the best paid anywhere in the state. We also allocated funding to achieve my goal of establishing a new alternate response model that will be presented soon. This model could consider being staffed with social workers and EMT’s to be able to better address noncriminal issues like homelessness and mental health concerns. This can relieve strain on our first responders to quickly improve response times across our city. \

Issue 2 Public Lands and Greenspace

My approach has continued in my efforts to maintain, increase, and improve our public greenspaces. As the Chair of the PNUT Board, I worked alongside many others to create the new Three Creeks Confluence Park. I also fought hard with Poplar Grove Community Council to refurbish the Fisher Mansion back to glory, starting with the renovation of the Carriage House that will commence next year, and continuing with funding proposed in a new bond to finally make the main building safe and functional. I am now working toward creating a public/private partnership between SLC, nonprofits, and businesses to use available resources to keep our Jordan River Parkway Trail cleaner and safer for all our residents, without costing any additional money. 

What is your background, and what motivated you to run?

Just as I answered the call to serve in the Air Force during Operation Desert Storm, I was one of 17 people from our community that answered the call to apply to fill this seat when it was vacated in April. After a rigorous selection process, I was appointed by a unanimous vote based on my 18 year track record of consistent work to improve this community. I am here to ask you to vote for me, Dennis Faris for SLC District 2 City Council, to continue that work in the years to come. 

Identify an example where you had to make a choice between doing what was right and what was popular/politically expedient.

The difference between doing what is right and what is popular with the community is a balancing act that all representatives must do from time to time. The two main considerations I take into any decision I have to make as the representative of District 2 are resident feedback and expert advice. While those two may not always align, I commit to making myself accessible to every one of my constituents so I can explain the decisions I make as your Councilmember.

If you are elected, how will you engage with your constituents to know their needs/concerns?

As I have always done, my phone number (801-699-1381) and email () are very publicly available to anyone who needs to connect with me.

Please feel free to reach out at any time to help me better understand what you are experiencing. As both the former chair and vice-chair of the Poplar Grove Community Council and regular attendant of the Glendale and Fairpark Community Council meetings, I will continue to be consistently present and look forward to hearing concerns, questions and recommendations from my friends, neighbors, and constituents.