October 10, 2021

Salt Lake City Council Candidate Q & A | Districts 1 and 2

Salt Lake City Council Candidate Q & A | Districts 1 and 2
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By The West View

Your vote matters.

Salt Lake City’s Westside historically has a very low voter turnout. That is especially true for municipal elections, even though these local elections have a more direct impact on our lives. For example, our city council makes decisions about our police and fire departments, our streets and parks, our public utilities – virtually every aspect of our communities.

Normally, city council members are up for election every four years. However, this year, voters in City Council District 2 (Glendale, Poplar Grove, and Fairpark) will vote on a special city council race due to the resignation last April of former Council Member Andrew Johnston, who is now working in the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office as the Director of Homelessness Policy and Outreach. Whoever is elected in District 2 will only serve a two-year term.

Voters in Rose Park, Westpointe, and Jordan Meadows will elect a new District 1 City Council member this November, since former Council Member James Rogers resigned in early October. The City Council will appoint a replacement for Rogers in November, after the election. The appointee will fill the remainder of Roger’s term through December, after which the winner of the election will take over. It is likely that the city council will appoint the candidate who was elected.

The West View posed the following questions to each of the city council candidates to help inform voters:

  • What qualifies you to represent your council district?
  • Identify two crucial issues facing your district. As a city council member, what specific actions will you take to address those issues?
  • What is your background, and what motivated you to run?
  • Identify an example where you had to make a choice between doing what was right and was popular/politically expedient.
  • How will you know the needs of your constituents?

For more election info, including how to register to vote, visit the Salt Lake County Clerk’s website.


Published in Fall 2021