August 26, 2019

Indigenous activists and allies gather in Salt Lake City during U.N. Civil Society Conference this weekend

||||||| ||||||| The Prayer Run began in the Four Corners, 330 miles from Salt Lake||The Warm Springs at the park, at the northwest base of Capitol Hill, were used immediately after the Mormon Pioneers arrived in 1847, and they were shared with Native Americans until the|

By Michael Evans

Leaders from Bear’s Ears Tribal coalition and their allies are gathering at the Utah State Capitol during the first day of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference on August 26. The next day, they are participating in a “Taking the Waters” ceremony at Warm Springs Park in Salt Lake City.

10,000 Allies Gatherings bring together activists from a wide spectrum of social, environmental, and civil causes – defending Bear’s Ears National Monument, protesting the proposed Inland Port, and advocating for clean air and water, to name a few.

Davina Smith led allies on a 330-mile Prayer Run that started from the Four Corners on August 13. Allies took turns running alongside Davina as she covered approximately 26 miles per day.

Prayer runners and allies brought sacred items, or medicine bundles, to hold their prayers in and placed them on the steps of the Utah State Capitol. Smith displayed a 100-year-old basket filled with sacred herbs from the Bear’s Ears National Monument. Later they planned to meet with representatives from the U.N. Civil Society Conference.

For further details -- The Warm Springs Alliance has information about the Indigenous Youth Solidarity Prayer Run, Davina Smith, and many other aspects of the Warm Springs Gathering. They will also be soliciting volunteers and donations,

The official website for the 68th U.N. Conference on Civil Society, held August 26 to 28, is online at:


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