Melissa - Malcolm King

Melissa - Malcolm King
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Board Member

Melissa -Malcolm King is an inspiring writer who’s current projects include a monthly exhibition for  Exponent Magazine, content coordinator for  Affirmation International -Chicago Chapter and  Curl Connection, A Natural Hair Care Social Media Group. As a new contributor to Innervision Magazine, Melissa is excited to embark on this next adventure in her writing career.  As recently appointed  board member for the West View Media, Melissa Malcolm is eager to support the West Side of Salt Lake in showcasing diversity , intersectionality and the unique communities evolving there.

 Melissa -Malcolm runs a non profit entitled Project B.E. S.A.F.E. -Bridging(the) Education( of )Safety, Awareness (and) Female Empowerment. Project B.E. S.A.F.E. Mission is two-fold ; First,  providing resources and an outlet for escape for women surviving domestic violence . Second, to empower women and other marginalized groups to climb out of despair and into a place of hope.  

As a survivor of abuse, Melissa-Malcolm has appeared on multiple panels for We Brave Women, to advocate for survivor rights and discuss the intersection of being a Queer, Disabled and Person of Color.

Melissa-Malcolm is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights  and is on various planning and leadership boards throughout the continental United States ,including, Affirmation LGBT Mormon Families Friends People of Color Leader , Acting President  of Asexuals Utah and Executive Secretary of the LGBTQIA Love is Love Organization.  

Despite only being involved with Affirmation for 6 years , Melissa - Malcolm has been active in leadership in a variety of leadership roles including International Conference Scholarship Chair, Co-Chair People of Color Intersectionality Retreat, LoveLoud Liaison and representing Affirmation at Pride Event Counsels in the Greater Salt Area and Utah County.

Melissa -Malcolms other passions include teaching First Aid ,C.P.R. Classes and Emergency Preparedness Classes and promoting advocacy for the unsheltered and marginalized.

Melissa-Malcolm  supports inclusion rights in the disabled community as a proud and active member of the disability rights activist committee. (D.R.A.C) .