Siale Angilau’s death in the Federal courthouse last April created a buzz in news stories, with associated comments full of words such as “dangerous Tongan,” “brutal gangster,” “violent street thug,” “ruthless Polynesian,” etc. Such phrases, sadly, have more do with our community’s accepted stereotypes of Salt Lake’s Polynesian youth than…

by Kajsa Berlin-Kaufusi
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Everyone has a story, and while mine is still being written, I have the chance to share some of it with you. I hope I can reach anyone who is in need of a few words of encouragement. My mother moved my four siblings and me to Salt Lake City,…

by Lilliana Ceceña
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Recent legal events in Utah surrounding marriage equality have intensified the rhetoric against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' policy on same sex marriage, calling it "hateful," "backward," "cruel," and the list goes on. Those words have also been used to describe LDS persons who s...

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An excerpt of a speech written on Oct. 24, 2012 by Robert "Archie" Archuleta
The dark cloud of FEAR that hovers over the immigrant, especially the undocumented immigrant, is crushing their spirit, hope and growth. The FEAR is palpable, breath-cloying and ever present.
The FEAR of deporta...

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Michele Norris, American journalist turned author, started The Race Card Project in 2010 "to help foster a candid dialogue about race." She asked people to think about the word "race" to collect their questions, observations, hopes, and dreams on the subject. Then she asked them to take thoughts and...

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