The Exciting Future of The West View

May 3 is International Press Freedom Day. We’re joining this international day of recognition with our own celebration. We’re proud to be the West Side’s community newspaper. 

Since 2011, we have been publishing The West View and, in that time, we have experienced an incredible amount of growth and change. Today, we’re taking this international day of recognition to announce some exciting changes at West View Media (the non-profit organization that produces The West View). 

New (and Continued) Leadership

As our organization has grown, so has the demand on our founder and managing editor, Charlotte Fife-Jepperson. In order to increase our capacity, our board of directors and Charlotte have selected a new executive director to lead the organization into the future. 

We’re pleased to introduce Turner C. Bitton as our executive director. He and Charlotte are working closely together to take West View Media into the future. 

Turner brings a wealth of community leadership,  nonprofit administration experience, and drive. A native Utahn, Turner fell in love with public service at a very young age. Turner’s life has been defined by a commitment to the people around him and he spends his time in service to his community. Driven by a deep sense of compassion and justice, Turner believes in the power of bringing people together to solve complex problems. He is recognized as a leader and serves on the board of directors of over a dozen nonprofit organizations as well as in appointed positions in local and state government.  

Moving forward, Turner will be your point person for advertising and administrative matters. You can reach him at or (801) 564-3860.

These changes will allow Charlotte to focus entirely on the editorial side of our work: overseeing content and managing the Community Newsrooms. You can reach her at . 

A New Brand 

WestViewLogo primary darkblueWe are also very excited to announce that West View Media is rebranding. Our new logo represents change, growth, and a bright future for The West View. Our new brand uses a simple and elegant aesthetic that will remain bold for a long time and be instantly recognizable. 

To complement this new brand, The West View will also sport a fresh layout design. You’ll see the new layout when our next issue arrives in your mailbox the first week of June. 

We are excited for the future and can’t express enough gratitude for all that you’ve done to support West View Media. During this unprecedented time, we want to be a source of strength and information. Together, we are providing a voice for the West Side. 

Thank you,
Charlotte and Turner

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